3.12 Brave & Interesting

It’s April Fool’s and life is a sick prank. Annie suffers some setbacks in her personal life, but in this episode she shows some of the most inspiring vulnerability I’ve ever witnessed, making me prouder than ever to know her. I (Maddie - hi guys, it’s me!) respond eloquently by using the two most back-handed and offensive adjectives one can use to a friend in pain — I called her “so brave and interesting”. Am I doing this description thing right?

Seriously, I feel so lucky to partner with Annie in podcast and in friendship. I’m awestruck by the way she is willing to open up about joy and pain with such honesty and insight. I think everyone will find this episode particularly touching and honest.

Once we get through with all of that, Annie prepares for a new job helping LGBTQIA+ youth, I share some exciting news about my musical endeavors that momentarily eases my existential sense of doom, and we end with a sneak peek of a new song, premiering this Wednesday on Amplify Magazine and out on all streaming platforms Friday! It’s a miracle.

Maddie Ross